Stereo mixer for using 2 phones?


Hi guys,

Just wondering…what if I want to use one phone running the freedrum app, and another phone to play the music? I often would like to change the volume only of the drums or the music, but it is not so easy to balance those volumes (especially when the Freedrum app freezes).

I would like to use a small, portable stereo mixer, which has at least 2 stereo inputs and 1 stereo mixed output, and volume controllers for each input (and output as well). It would be even better if this mixer had a built-in amplifier, which would run from batteries (or USB powerbank).

I’ve found some equipments on eBay:

If you have any other ideas, suggestions, or direct links to mixers, please share! :slight_smile:



Depending on what speakers you currently use, and what budget you’re looking at, you could consider a battery powered PA speaker.
I love my Bose S1Pro, but plenty of other options out there. Multiple inputs and battery powered. Awesome sound for Freedrum too.
Could use phone in the dedicated mini aux inputs and have another phone or other device, with converter to larger phono connector (typically used for guitar or mic input).

With my iPhone I simply use the one mini aux input and find pretty good balance between songs on Spotify (playing in background), and turn GarageBand via Sensorware up to max volume. Can hear the drums plenty well enough above the songs.

Also, if using Freedrum app, I found that the max volume does go that little bit louder. The volume bar dot goes red. Then it’s volume sits just above the songs in background.

Your mixer idea could work too. Good luck.


Thanks! :slight_smile:
I’d rather get a smaller, more simple mixer… I will post updates if I find some. :slight_smile:


I have ordered this from AliExpress:

For power source, I have ordered this:

I will let you know how it works in 2-3 weeks (as soon as they arrive). :slight_smile:

Volume Mix between music and drums