Support of more then 6 drum/cymbals

When will it be possible to use more drums or cymbals to allow more realistic drumming? Many apps offer complex setups wirh at least 3 toms and more crashes. Many thanks!


Hey Dirk,

We have a new team member starting in 2 weeks who will be focused on updates for more configuration and kits. Stick with us we should have a lot updated going into the fall and winter months.

Any updates on this? A basic drum kit in Asia usually comes with high, mid n Low toms, left n right crashes, ride cymbal n hi-hat. Seems like currently there’s a short of drum sound.

Also, the exam board for drum kit has the minimum setup stated above. Do hope updates on this will come in soon.

As mentioned above our new team member has joined and working on new firmware to get more configuration added to the app. All in time. :slight_smile:

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