Tested Android Devices


These are the devices that Sensorware has been tested on by Freedrum:

The Sensorware app requires API 23 Android 6 (M) and a MIDI over Bluetooth compatible device.

  • Samsung Galaxy S8
    Latency is pretty decent.

  • Samsung Tab S
    Quite some latency. Probably more around 100ms

  • LG Nexus 5
    Latency is pretty decent.

  • Huawei Honor 8
    Latency around 20-30ms.

  • Huawei P10
    Latency around 100-150ms

  • Sony XPERIA Z Compact
    Latency 20ms.

  • Samsung S7 Edge

  • Motorola Nexus 6

  • Blackberry Keyone
    Latency around 20-50ms

If you have any device you think should go into this list. Please feel free to let us know! :wink:

Which Android device you are using?
[Solved] Hi, I'm playing thru a samsung

Last version doesn’t run on huawei P8 with marshmallow update


Tested the latency with the “Latency Test” app from http://superpowered.com/latency on my Nexus 6p and got:

Model: Huawei Nexus 6P
OS: Android 8.0.0
Round-trip audio latency: 45ms
Buffer size: 192
Sample rate: 48000Hz

If that’s how you did the list you can add the Nexus 6P too. :smiley:


Just signed up here because I got my delivery today! :smiley:
Not played around much as I got back from work and am exhausted, but on a Motorola Moto Z Play, latency seems REALLY good, almost istantaneous. Will try to connect a bluetooth speaker soon :wink:

Thank for the lightning delivery!
Sent yesterday from Sweden at 15:00… arrived next morning in Vienna. WHOA! :smiley:



We are running the Superpowered test when we test a new device. However, that test does not give us the real numbers.
The Superpowered test measures the audio roundtrip. From when the sound is generated, sent out to the speaker and then picked up by the microphone.

We are only playing the sounds and do not process any incoming audio. But we do process bluetooth messages coming from the sensors. This also takes some time, but is usually not significant.

We found that the best way to test the latency is to actually play it.


Still can’t connect the sensors with my ASUS 3😭


Does not work at all on samsung note 4. the app would not even open.


If you are experiencing that Sensorware crashes at startup or does not start at all on you android device. Please make sure your device have at least Android API level 23.

You can check what API level you have with an app called “My Device”

You can find it under the OS tab.


My device is already on level 23 but i still face the same issue


From our logs we can see that it’s mostly Huawei P9 lite and Note 4 that seems to suffer from this problem. Can you please try to restart your phone and see if that help ?


tried the restart as well, didnt work


Ok Thank you. We are working to solve the issue.


I’m with Huawei P10 Lite and today’s update crashes app right after start. If i can help, let me know.

Which Iphone which works fine with freedrum?

Note 4 user as well. Devices will connect to my phone but will make no sound or indication that they are trying to send a signal.


Do you get a note indicating that the sensor is sending midi to your phone ?

Also, please do try to enable/disable the synth and or restart the (not only minimise it, but a full restart)



I have Moto X play, with everything updated (sensors firmware, sensorware, Android - v6.0.1.
It works much better with connecting the sensors etc., but I’m having two issues (that I noticed so far) that I haven’t had with the previous app version. One is that the first tom is not registered, neither the sound and the sensors doesn’t really change the color with the angle (both left & right, and before it was working fine). Second one is the foot sensors will only trigger snare/hihat/tom sounds. I tried with different sensor combination, turning the on-off, turning phone on-off reconneting the sensors etc., but the sensors will still only make snare sound when assigned to foot sensor (previous app version it worked fine like a kick).
So just to have this as a bug issue. By the way, I tried the v3 sensors with iMac and Logic, and it worked great. I managed to play a few songs with my band even…

Cheers and keep up the good work!


A hotfix is now available in the Google Play store. This should hopefully stop the app from crashing on startup for some devices and display the real issue. Please give us feedback on this since we are unable to recreate the error ourselves.


Well, now not only my old Android 5 device is “not compatible”, but also the Wileyfox Spark with Android 7 API level 24 is not compatible… that’s what Google Play says. :rofl:


I can’t find the app in the playstore anymore