Tested Android Devices


Hello Adir,

Freedrum is working with Android devices, but it is not the same amount as iOS. This is to do with Google & Apple taking different paths when it comes to bluetooth and midi over bluetooth. We are unfortunately not in control of this.

Right now though Android is behind we have seen Freedrum working great on S8 and a few other Android devices beautifully.

The Galaxy S6 and any iteration of it looks to not be compatible in any way at all. From emails, social media and now on the forum we have tried and failed to get them to connect a number of times. The thing with Android at this point is not even just a certain model, but who it is being sold from. For example in the US you will have one version of the S6 and in Europe you will have another.

This looks like we will have to pull it from compatibility list. We apologize for all the confusion and issues you have had.

Please email us if you do not have another device so we can assist you with a return of your kit.


Hi guys, I’m sorry, has anyone already done a test with Nokia 6 and Android 7.1.2?

Is it enough to download the Sensorware app from playstore, or do I need some other apps too?

Thanks if someone answers


You will need Sensorware and sensors to be able to test.


I havebeen tested sensorware .my pbone is Galaxy
Note4.downloded the firmare updated.
The left stick lookd some sound as like snare .
But the right stick can not sound as like the left stick.several times tried.but only can hear the base sound.
Can not do that.
Want your help.


I am using HTC 10, but it seems it does not work well with freedrum. Since it is also not listed here, I was asking myself, if the noticible audio latency, even with turned off WiFi and cable connected speakers, I am experiencing, is because of the bad compatibility or because of reasons I might fix myself.

It would be great, if some one could check my Android phone since I do not know much about the technical stuff that is going on around latency… Thank you so much in advance.



According to this list the HTC 10 seems to have quite a bit of latency.



Hi it’ll be awesome if you can support galaxy s6 too I preordered it and didn’t had a chance to play yet… Really looking forward to it



Thanks for your help. :smile:


I have huawei p10 and it connects easily, there is latency, I don’t know if 100 ms counts as a lot but I cant play a simple beat, latency seems to be inconsistent so you can barely hit two things at the same time.

Is there any way I can reduce latency?
I have an iPhone5 but garageband won’t work with it. Is there any phone, app combo that guarantees no latency, none?



I bought an iPhone 7 Plus, only for playing freedrum, after I realise android dosn’t work…

I’m using the new app and v7, but Tom dosn’t work and snare is confuse with hi hat/splash… do you recommend some config for me?

I’m the Brazilian guy that complaining about android (I bought it in pre order (oct 16), and still can not play properly… but now the foot works, and some times one snare, What is enought for give me some hope…

Thank you so much and sorry for the “english ”.


Hi, flip the left/right handed switch and the Tom should work.


Just got my freedrums this weekend.
Working very good with my Sony Xperia X compact.
Delay measurement says 42ms but in practice it’s not disturbing playing along with tracks from spotify :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, Do you have the list of working andorid devices??

BR, Leo.


Hi, Finally A5 works??


I have been testing 12 Android phones(thanks to my friends to rent me their phones) specially from the list of Androids are susceptible to work with the app but none of them show a good response. Don’t believe with Android it will work.
Only iPhone works. I am not a iPhone person, so not satisfied at all. I don’t want to be negative but for the price it should work with Android.


Seems it’s not! :frowning_face:!


Am Chris.I read your message.
Want to know about sensore ware.
How about the Galaxy S9 or others.
Have you been tested the Galaxy S9.
Your favorable reply will be appreciated


Galaxy s 9 works great. Is there a music app that works with sensorware and my cell to blockout the drum instrumentals of my playlist to play along with? I can play my playlist over sensorware but the tracks are louder then sensorware and can barely hear the sensors.


When you use Spotify you can set auto volume levelling to soft touch get the right balance.


Hi Johnny,
Are you using Sensorware with GarageBand?
Or the Freedrum app?

Either way, you should be able to adjust the volume up slightly from default.
In Freedrum app, in the Drumkit— mixer setup, it appears to default to max volume on the right. You can actually increase slightly again by moving master volume up. The dot turns yellow.

Similarly if using GarageBand and adding a new drumkit, default volume is around 75%.
Go to settings — track control — track volume and ramp it up. At 100% should sit nicely against a given song in Say Spotify.
You can also set to Run in Background so you have Spotify or other interface to choose your songs.