Tested Android Devices


Here’s a link to the app in google play store.


The reason it says it’s not compatible for some devices is most probably because the device does not support MIDI. There is some better error handling around it now in the app, and google play store is now setup to check for that capability on the phone. I can provide you with the apk if you would like to try to install it anyway and give it a shot.


Well that’s funny, because V3 was working on the old Android 5 phone…
The Wileyfox didn’t work with V3, so that may be the issue.


That is true. I will try to not get to technical with this answer, but with the first releases of Sensorware for Android we where talking to the sensor over a pure bluetooth connection. However, this proved to be very shaky and unstable, so we took the decision to go with a midi implementation instead. The good side of this is that it’s a lot more stable and predictable now, but the downside that only Android devices with API 23 and better supports it (unfortunately even a few ones with API 23 does not support MIDI).

If there is a really high demand for supporting older versions of Android, we will try to enable them again.


I’ve got the same problem that @Rarder44 in my Samsung S6 edge.


I have a Motorola G3 with an Android 6.0 version. I get to match the sensors with my Bluetooth, but after one or two seconds that the LED goes green, it turn to blue again and I don’t get any response in the Sensorware app.


SamsungS7 Edge here… 4 sensors updated to v5. All works.


tested on moto g4plus and does not detect the sensorware app,

tested z3compact and also does not recognize the program.

teclast x80pro 3 of the 4 sensors with the old app.



Hi, what does that mean “does not detect the app”? It’s been confirmed to work well with Motorola g4 plus running Android 7.0


the app sendorware does not see any of the devices, the bluetooth yes, but the app does not


i have the same problem…you fix it??


I’m using a Pixel phone. Managed to get 2 sensors to work briefly albeit with some errors but can’t get all 4 to connect. No sound at all since the last sensorware update either.


Hi I have updated the sensors with the application that worked on the tablet and then I have connected to the first to the mobile


What do you mean with “the bluetooth yes”? If you connect with some other bluetooth applications, Sensorware will not detect the Freedrum sensors because they’re already connected to the phone and not discoverable by Sensorware. Close all other bluetooth settings/apps and try again.


it’s already working


Hi there,

The app works perfectly on my tablet lenovo yoga tab pro.
But the last version crashes on my phone, honor 5C, the playstore says it’s not compatible for it, so I just can’t download and update.


problems with the latest update, version 5, does not sound the middle toms


Huwei G8 (rio-Lo2) here. I tried to install updated Freedrum sesorware but it said “this app is not compatible with your device”.


Works on Xiaomi RedMi 4 Pro, latency seems good (not a pro here), both v3 and v5 (although I’ve managed to upgrade only one sensor).
Lenovo Tab2 A10 seems not to be compatible, although it has Android v6 with API level 23 I can’t install it from the Play Store (it says the device is not compatible with this software version.


Google Play says that my device is "not compatible"with the new app.
I’m using Huawei VNS-L31, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, API level 23.
What should I do?


I have the same problem on my device, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4:

While this problem is being solved, would it be possible provide us the APK previous to the 15 Sep update?

Thanks for everything team!