Tested Android Devices


Works great on my Samsung S7 Edge


LG G4 with Android 6 and API Level 23 here.
Sadly v5 made things different but not better.
The sensors are discovered by the app and a firmware update is possible, at least if I boot the sensors into upgrade mode.
After updating the firmware, the sensors are shown as connected and V5 but thy dont turn into the “drumming” mode like thy did before (not reacting with led indicator if their angle is turned anymore)
Only blue light flashing as if they were not connected… :sob:


It read that it was connected, but as I attempted to play them, no music note appeared as it does on my ipad (which works perfectly). I also restarted the phone and turned the synth on and off and it made no difference.
Sorry for all the trouble! Still an awesome product!


Tested out on Moto G4 and it connects and plays instantly through the new sensorware app. But the latency issues are significant. If you hit the snare in a fast succeeding motion, it would miss each hit and noticeable delay. Also, it can’t find the two toms. At least I can’t. The hi-hat and cymbal are very close to each other.


Samsung galaxy s5 here.
Is it recommended to upgrade to Marshmallow?
Will the Sensors and the sensorware work on my Galaxy S5 after upgrading?


I have 2 sets one for sticks and one for feet. yet to be able to use them as they wont sync with my 6 month old OPPO phone in the old version and now with the new app I get told they are incompatible. VERY disappointed considering the cost. They will also not work with my samsung galaxy 5 either. fix or refund !


Latency is high af on my Xperia XZ Premium. On my iPad Air 1 it works seemlessly though.


Hi, I’m using Huawei P10 Lite and the new app Sensorware is not compatible with my device. Maybe it doesn’t work with Midi?

I made the super-powered latency test:
OS: Android 7.0 WAS-LX1A
Round-trip audio latency: 201 ms
Buffer size: 960
Sample rate: 48000 Hz

Any ideas? I can’t connect Freedrum, and I haven’t installed the older version of sensorware

Thanks in advance!



Have a look here for a thing to try: Sensorware Beta


It now says: “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”. I have that mentiioned Huawei P10 Lite, but the previous version did work. Shall I wait for new version to come out?


So, you did try out the beta above?


So this Beta works just fine, the only problem I encountered so far is when you start the applicatin and bluetooth is OFF. The app says to turn it on. I do from the top andoird menu and it freezes for about a minute. When i kill the app, turn on BT and then start the app, all works. It is really good, no need for G-Stomper for drums practising, great.


I’ve tried with the Sensorware Beta but still doesn’t work. Sensorware says “Connected” on my devices (v3 or v5 of the Firmware) but, after a few seconds of green light on the LED, it turns to blue again and any sound coming from my phone. I have a Moto G2, Android 6.0, API 23.


Just tried the bêta version on my honor 5C, connnection is ok on the 3 sensors I used (only 1 used for foot playing). The only issue I have is no sound comes out when I hit the high angle for cymbals or toms.
I use mostly garageband on macbook pro, I can change the drumkits, it’s more fun.

Thanks for the good work, cheers from paris :smile:


I’m testing the latest version of the app on my Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) with Android 7, which by the specs should support all the requirements. Also, I have 4 sensors, all on v3 after an upgrade I did using a friend’s phone.

That said, I’m not able to get feedback from or update any of the sensors. The app displays “connected” but the sensors keep blinking blue. If I try to update from the sensor menu or by manually entering update mode, the update fails after a few seconds with the message “DFU process failed”.

I tried shutting down the app, reset sensors, restarting phone… Can anyone help me troubleshooting this further?


Since it’s clear that Freedrum is made to be pretty seamless with iOS devices, which android phones match the smoothness and latency that it has with iOS? I know there is a table but it’s not really clear to me what the relative latency is compared to iOS devices. I’m currently in a situation where I don’t have regular access to iOS devices (but have tried it and it works perfectly) and plan on upgrading my android phone to something that won’t have much delay (because Freedrum is hardly playable on my current phone, Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime). Thanks!


That is a really hard question to answer :slight_smile:
But you can get a hint from this list: http://superpowered.com/latency


Hola, que latencia tiene el móvil Samsung A5 2017?


@Fredrik can you help me with my previous question?