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We know that some Android devices can be problematic. It’s something that we are actively working on right now. But in your case it sounds like your specific phone doesn’t support MIDI over Bluetooth.


The fact that I can’t get the sensors to “green” nor update the firmware could be due to the phone not supporting MIDI over Bluetooth?..


Do you have the possibility to test the Sensors on another Android device, or an iOS device ?
I’m trying to pinpoint where the issue is :slight_smile:


I did the first upgrade (v1 to v3) in another device. I’ll try that again. But do you think that could be the cause of not being able to update to v5? Weird…


If you where able to update on another device, it sounds more like a bluetooth issue on your galaxy a5.

V5 is the latest firmware btw. But you should still be able to update to V5 from V3.


From what I’ve read, Bluetooth MIDI is on Android 6+ as the device should support Bluetooth LE. My phone meets both requirements. I’ll try a few more things and get back here…


Unfortunately not al BLE enabled devices support MIDI over BLE. But it could be something else that we did not yet see. Please see if you can find something. We are more than willing to help you out in the best way we can! :wink:

One other test you can try is to see if you can connect to the sensors via the g-stomper app. That app also uses MIDI over BLE.


Working Very well with my One Plus 3T
Used only with Sensorwave for the moment

Delay is really acceptable (the app says 72ms) bbut i think it a bit less

Really Thank you!


Same problem here. Any chance to fix it or do i need a new smartphone


So, I’ve managed to test the sensors on a borrowed Xiaomi Redmi 3 and everything works OK (even though the lag was noticeable). I guess the problem is on my Galaxy A5 after all.

Does the app require the BLE MIDI even to connect to the sensors in the first place? Is there any logs or something I could try to check just to confirm that the problem is the device? I couldn’t confirm on the official specs if it should or not support BLE MIDI…

Is the beta version mentioned above any different on this matter?



cant do anything with my Samsung S8.
paired the sensors… but the app is not displaying the sensors


Make sure location you have accepted location for the app. Bluetooth also needed to be turned on.


Yes @lgoncalves the beta doesn’t require MIDI. There’s also another app you could try, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobileer.example.midibtlepairing
This one use BLE MIDI as well but it might be interesting to see if it behaves differently than Sensorware.


Motorola G5 Plus, running latest Android 7 Patchlevel and latest Sensorware. Functional, but notable delay.



I tried the freedrum on both an Android one plus 5 as well as an iPhone 6s. There is no comparison between the two.
The end to end latency on the ONEPLUS as per the latency app from superpowered is around 80ms.

I am unable to play the drum on the same with a tempo more than 90-95.
Also Gstomper does not support more than 2 midi devices.
On the iPhone the feel is entirely different. I am able to play much better and with much more reliability to the point that I am enjoying myself.

Another minor issue is that the crash and the snare seem to be spatially placed too close for comfort occasionally interchanging the two.

Any way that the ONEPLUS could get a better response (maybe the oreo update) ??

Update: moved to version 6 on the sensor firmware and the amplitude change on hitting harder is pretty cool.


Update on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T710) running Android 7.0.2, original Samsung firmware:
I can connect the sensors in Bluetooth settings. When I start Sensorware the sensors do not show up. App version beta 11. Sensors at v6 (upgraded with different Android device).
This behaviour has been the same with all firmware and app versions.
How can I help to troubleshoot this?

Edit1:After pairing at BTLevel G-stomper connects to the sensors and there is sound. Definitely a connection but sensorware does not ‘see’ the sensors.
Edit2: uninstalling G-stomper made the sensors available in Sensorware, sound!


Hi @lgoncalves, have you tried the beta version? How does Galaxy A5 2017 works without MIDI over BLE?

Since I’m planning to buy this device, I want to know how it works and is the latency acceptable?

@august, as some device doesn’t support MIDI over BLE, is the experience same on MIDI over BLE and over BLE(without MIDI) ?

Else I need to select different device.


We’ve experienced additional, BLE-related latency when running without using MIDI, so I can’t recommend it. The ones with good audio latency could be selected from this refreshingly short list: https://forum.juce.com/t/list-of-android-pro-audio-devices/21165/4
It’s pretty sad… Though, people here have reported success with other devices as well.


I tried the beta but I got the same weird behavior as before. Sensors seem to start pairing and then stop, and then connect/disconnect sometimes. I’m using Samsung’s official update to Android 7.

@august The behavior with the beta is the same, as well as with the other app (MIDI+BTLE). On the following link you can find a video of the behavior:


In the “diagnostics” menu I have the following info:

  • Pro audio: no
  • Low latency audio: no
  • MIDI available: yes
  • Buffer: 240
  • Sample rate: 48000


Yes, I just checked that device support MIDI. So what might be the problem?