Tested Android Devices


I think you’re seeing a bug that’s fixed in v6. The occasional red blink means the sensor is rebooting. Make sure you update to v6 and try again. To do that turn the sensor off, then turn it on into update mode by holding the button until the LED turns yellow. Then you should get a popup in sensorware


I’ve updated the sensors to V6 using a friends’s device but the behavior remains, both using the beta and the stable version. I’m running out of ideas to troubleshoot this further…


Then I guess the issue is really with your phone somehow, does it play nice with other bluetooth devices?


Sony Xperia xz premium.
Latency = 80ms
Android 7.1.2
The latency is annoying but whats even worse.:
Hits dramatically vary in time as if the signal from each sensor blocks or interferes with the others
also, positioning is still drifting.
Totally unusable.
Please sort it out
Not what you’d expect from a snapdragon 835.
I understand the latency problems with android but the sensors struggling to keep up and going out of time renders freedrum useless.
It won’t work to an acceptable level on my win 10 laptop either. Although I do understand teething problems I bought into this because of Android and Windows compatibility. My phone wouldn’t recognise the software so I had to get a new one. I’m starting to think that I’ve been duped into wasting money on a new phone and kids toy that i can’t make music with.
Not best pleased but willing to wait only a little longer before slamming it.


It pairs well with a bluetooth speaker I have… What’s really weird is that change of colors (like a reset, as you mentioned). The diagnostics section says the phone supports MIDI, I’m sure it has BLE… Seems it would have all the requirements. On the MIDI+BLE app the behavior is similar: the sensor is listed, I can select it but it seems to be in a zombie zone (I see the sensor info but the light doesn’t seem to switch to the “paired” color). Since I can’t get any additional debug info from the app, I really can’t do anything else. Unfortunately, it’s likely that I’ll try to return or sell my sensors. Thanks for the help anyway.


It seems like what you’re experiencing is the Bluetooth jitter which indeed is irregular like you describe. One “fix” you could try is turning off WIFI and restarting the app and/or phone. WIFI and Bluetooth use the same chip on some phones and the same radio frequency as well.
From where do you get the “80 ms latency” by the way?


Thanks for the support, definitely can’t grumble about the first rate after sales backup.
The figures came from a latency analysis app.
I’ll try your suggestion and post back the result.


OK update on WiFi off;
Doesn’t help…
I spent a couple of hours disabling or enabling different facilities in the phone and even switched off all other devices in the house in case of interference but to no avail.
Here’s the strange observation…
Even with only 1 sensor enabled, playing a constant rhythm slowly and with a gentle or hard hit and different ways of holding the sticks, same result…
For Some hits the latency is unnoticeable yet it drifts till sometimes even hits after the next beat.
Obviously playing quicker makes this more noticeable. With all sensors activated it is just the same. I did notice that the location needed to be on in order to recognise the sensors but could be then switched off and not make any difference.
So latency isn’t the issue.
It is inconsistent latency which is.
As you say it sounds like it could be Bluetooth jitter but there are no other facilities active or interfering. And if WiFi is active, it isn’t any worse.
Positional Drift is going in and out of true in tandem with latency drag, and I’ve noticed that even calibrating a sweet spot and tapping on a coin to keep angle and position and playing with various sympathetic techniques, it still happens.
If this was a PC, I would be definitely be blaming the drivers (as it reportedly works OK on OS) and also try reducing the buffers dramatically…
I hope this observation makes sense.
By the way I got Windows 10 down to zero latency, there is still a very slight lag and when playing faster a latency drift though which is enough to distract when making an intricate break…
My thoughts are that the next updates could perhaps include its own superiour drivers to bypass or override a systems own, and with options to adjust things like buffers etc.
If you can think of anything else I can try I would be grateful, I’m really pulling out my hair in exasperation.


This happened to me.
Check you have location activated on your phone or if using a PC you need special drivers selected. Can’t remember the name of them, they’re listed on the forum somewhere. No other drivers seemed to work.
Also I could not use a Bluetooth speaker, wired only works fine and allowed connection to the sensors as the driver needed for the BT speaker wouldn’t support the sensors.
I hope that helps.


My pixel works fine in terms of bluetooth connection. No latency at all, but the G-stomper app can’t use all 4 sensors at a time, only 2. Also, I can’t find a proper snare sample to load. Anyone any ideas?


@gbar, get their own Sensorware app, you don’t need Gstomper anymore :slight_smile:


@lgoncalves, is the device working with current version, or its still same?


I haven’t tried again, because I think there were no new updates after v6. So I’m not able to connect the sensors on the Galaxy A5. I really would like to try to extract some debug info or something from the app, but I didn’t get any additional feedback.


Yes, the app should have some sort of creating debug log option. That way we can provide debug log to the devs.

@august, what’s your thought on this?


Yes, when we get an actual error we do get debug logs automatically. In this case however, it seems that the app just doesn’t get the call from the OS, so it won’t really help with a debug log.


So what would you suggest to debug this issue?


I had to cancel my preorder as A5 2017 phone doesn’t work. Would be happy to order again when this is supported. Let me know when its done.


We do not have official word on if this device is compatible with Freedrum.

We have another user we are currently working with who also has a A5. When we get more information we can provide it, but this is not the official word on the A5 as of yet.


Hey !
Notable delay, but is it very anoying to play with ? or still manageable ?


Hi.you have the problems as like me .
I have the samsung galaxy note4.
I have downloaded the sensorware beta.
But that is not compatible with my phone
Also I considerated about the new phone.