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Thanks for replying. I do have garageband in purchase history wihint iTunes, but no download button there. It is unfortunately not in my purchase list on the iPad. Maybe an excuse to buy a new iPad :sunglasses:
No garageband for me I think.


Try to search for apps purchased directly on the iPad. On the iPad go into the App Store, go to updates, click on Buy, in the next window, click on Not on ipad. Should you see apps that you have not installed on ipad? If in the list you find GarageBande, there should be a cloud. Click on the cloud, see that you have an ios incompatible version and ask if you want to download a previous version of GarageBand


Unfortunately no garageband in the “not on this iPad list”. I give up. Maybe I will jailbreak it and find a download. (the primary intended device for Freedrum will be an Android but that app is not yet working on some devices so wanted to have a temp alternative). Thanks so far for helping.


Hi pela03 I had this problem as well but after many trials I think I may have found the solution. You just need 4 steps:

  1. If you are fortunate enough to have any device such as iPhone 6, that is compatible to the Freedrum Sensorware app, then congratulations, but if not, try and ask a friend to download the app for you with their device so that you can proceed.

  2. Open the app (with bluetooth on), turn on all sensors (make sure they are fully charged), and connect them to the phone.

  3. If you shake the sensor, a music note will appear in its respective sensed device, then set 2 of them to be foot pedals (make sure you remember which 2 you have set as foot pedals)

  4. Now disconnect everything, and try the same thing again with mac with the given procedures by Freedrum, this time, strap the sensors to your feet first, then press the square button for both feet sensors WHILE YOUR FEET ARE ON THE FLOOR (I’m not sure if it’s better if you do this AFTER you have calibrated your sensors on your drumsticks with the given procedure first, but I do it every time just in case)

This method solved my problem and it doesn’t happen again, hopefully it helps you as well, have fun drumming :wink:


It works for me on an iPhone 6s Plus & GarageBand



Doesn’t work with my MacBook Pro 2011 … And no stand alone of sensor wave for mac :confused:
My bluetooth device find everything except my two freedrums. In the midi panel , i don’t have any proposition of pairing using bluetooth .

I’m working on mavericks … Maybe Have I to finally update it ?


Seyran, please can you explain about how it works on a Macbook Pro?
On mine (2012 but with latest OS, Sierra installed), it says the app is only available for iOS.
Am I doing something wrong, or should I be able to use this with my MBP?


Hello Lawrence,

You can find the setup instructions for MacOS here:


Please contact me directly on support@freedrum.rocks if you are still having issues.


D’oh! Thanks. Been a while since I looked through all the instructions … I’m still waiting for delivery, just getting prepared :slight_smile:


I apologize if I break the boxes, is there anyone who can help me? :pray:
I do not see “Check for Sensorware Update” in my iphone 4s so I can not make any updates


We are aware of that issue and it will be solved soon. However, you can force the sensors to be updated by putting them into boot loader mode manually. Hold the button until it turn yellow and start Sensorware. You will get a question if you would like to update. Do this with only one sensor at a time.


Thanks for your reply Fredrik.
I have tried to follow your steps, it seems to have upgraded, but when it comes back it is the same as before. Something wrong?




Freedrum doesn’t seem to be working properly with Iphone SE, any experience?



Sorry to hear about this can you message me directly at support@freedrum.rocks to better assist you.

  • Seyran


I do consider buying an Iphone, can owners of Iphone 6 and 6s share their experience with Freedrum and their devices?


Most of the development for iOS has been made using an iPhone 6. You should be fine with that one :wink:


Hey Guys,

can someone confirm that Sensorware also works flawlessly on older iPads than the iPad Pro 12.9? Explicitly on iPad Air 2?
I want to buy an iPad solely for the purpose of using my Freedrum, but don’t want to spend hundreds on it, and the iPad Air 2 seems to be old enough to be sold for less than 200€, but new enough to have the current iOS.

Thanks in advance!


Freedrum on iPad Mini 2 running current iOS 11, Sensorware and Garage Band. Best experience so far.


Yes, iPad air 2 works great