[Testing] BarbaXDrums iOS app


Just wondering if anyone has had any success with this app. It does have wide variety of drum kits and does allow for more sound tweaking than GarageBand iOS. The problem is that it has pretty bad latency (at least for me) when using Freedrum and the samples just don’t seem to sound as good as GarageBand Drum kits. The other problem is that GarageBand allows running in background so you can pull up a song on you tube and hear both. Great for jamming in your car at the beach (people prob think I’m crazy but who cares)!


Haven’t tried the app but wondering if you’ve tried all the DrumKits in GarageBand. The new Neo Soul is my favourite and sounds awesome. I too “run in background” to play along to acoustic tracks in Spotify.


Thanks Robin,
I am having so much fun Kooking out trying to learn drumming! I can’t believe more people don’t use these drumsticks. In stead of having useless conservations with people while waiting for the waves to get good I kickback listen to awesome music and feel like I’m in a band! Drumming next to the ocean is mesmerizing.
I’ve tried all of the kits in GarageBand iOS but have settled on Brooklyn, Bluebird, Roots, and SoCal. Maybe it’s the music I’m playing to. Neil Young Electric guitar songs, Crosby Stills and Nash I.e. Woodstock, The Cure, Fleetwood Mac I.e. Gypsy, Joe Cocker,- Feelin Alright, Rolling Stones-Only Rock and Roll, Monkey Man. I’d love to work on learning beats from the Black Keys ,LED Zepplin and Nirvana but when I call their songs up on YouTube they are so loud they overwhelm GarageBand and the Freedrum app so that I can’t hear what I am playing. Maybe I should try Spotify but my wife got me unlimited minutes on my cell plan so I just use YouTube.
Do you know if a mini mixer for iPad exist that would work to allow more Tweaking of sounds from GarageBand?

Side Note: I tried to connect my sensors to my daughters MacBook so I could use GarageBand on a laptop and my sensors wouldn’t even show up. Anyone know why?


Agree 100%.
Love playing my Freedrums, especially in those places where you would never take a real drum kit (like at the beach as shown above).
Spotify allows 3 standard volume settings and I find setting to Quiet, allows GarageBand “Track Volume” settings to have the drums sit just at the right levels in comparison. There is also an equiliser for more fine tuning.
On the GarageBand side I’ve played a little with the “Plug-in EQ’s” but prefer the sounds as they come.
I do like it when new DrumKits become available though to explore further. Unfortunately the “Live” DrumKits doesn’t play Toms at all, so some of the ones I’d like to use have issues. However enough to keep me happy for now.
I’m now waiting for the high hat FootLift to be tweaked and become available In GarageBand (somehow).


Hey Pistol! Great to hear you are enjoying your Freedrum kit. :slight_smile:

If you need help setting up on mac check out our website setup page here:



We are talking to the developer now and will hopefully have more information after we have tested. :slight_smile: