The galaxy S8+ can not updated v7 [Solved]


I have thr New phone(GalaxyS8+).
But want to downloaded updated several times.but can not do that.
Shown on the DFU message again .
How can downloaded the update to our phone.
Want the method and reply.
Thanks for your favorable reply.



In Sensorware. What version does it say the sensors have ? If you are unsure. Please post a screenshot.

#3 updated shown v7.
Before have been v5.


If have the version v7.
Can not updated .
My galaxys8+ have been v7.


V7 is the latest public one. So if it says v7, no need for an update.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Galaxys8+ (updated v7).android 8.0(ore).
Several times have been updated.
But shown on updated.
But can not do that.

As like this;
What can I do for that


Ok, so that error you should not get.
Quit Sensorware and try forcing the Sensors into DFU mode by holding the button until it turns yellow (about 10 seconds, and also make sure the other Sensors are turned off). Then start Sensorware again. Sensorware should now automatically detect the sensor and update it. See if that helps.


Several times deleted by your direction.
Also have the same as before.
What can i do for that
Plesase want the procedure of video.
Want your kind help.
Network have been deleted and the first time have been reset .but have on blooth and show on the list "DfuTarg"shown.
Can not reset this words
What can we do.


Hello Chris,

We received your email and have responded there. Please check the email for more assistance.


Am chris.
For the several times have been updated.
And the bluetooth reset.
But the same as before result.
What can I do.
Want to play well.
Have been passed for 6months after get.
Want your help for the procedures video.
Please help me.


Hello Chris,

Your Sensors are up to date. No need to update them anymore. Please delete the Freedrum app and download it again.

Please follow the steps in the video I attached. Make sure to allow a location tracking service it asks for when you first open the app after reinstalling it.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Press sensors on the top left.
  3. Press connections on the top right.
  4. Turn on your sensor and press it when it comes up in your connections menu.
  5. Now you should be able to swing and hear the drums.


Several times deleted and downloaded again.
But the bluetooth opend and waiting for the connection.but shown the strange message.
Why not connected.can not understand now.

Can not connecting .whats wrong.


How many sensors do you have?

Is this happening with every sensor?

Are you holding down the button on the sensor when this comes up?


1.the bluetooth have been reset.
2.and downloaded the sensorware.
3.and connected the drum stick sensor. the bluetpoth.
6.can not connections .
I followed as like your directions.
But can not connected .
Whats wrong.


Yes,everytimes want to connect.
Shown that


How many sensors are you trying to connect to the device?
Do any of them show up in the Connections Bluetooth Menu?


Can not deleted that.
Several times have been tried.
But notconnect


Hey Chris,

Can you check to make sure Freedrum location services are turned on in your phones settings?

Sometimes this could be the connection issue.


Already have been done.
But the same as like before.
Also the bluetooth have been resets.
But the results have same as before.
Want your more detailed informations.
And want to know how can show the stick Led color to connection with phone.


Am chris,am very weary of the updated my phone(Galaxy S8+).
But have no reply from you.
Please want your video procedures.
Also want your favorable help.
I want to play now.
Also deleted Bluetooth and reset.