The galaxy S8+ can not updated v7 [Solved]


Please check your email Chris.


I tried Chis’ freedrum on my iphone and Xiaom A1.
They are successfully installed and updated to V8.
The problem is the just one of 4 sensors is sending continuous signal.
It is shown as FD v8 correctly on the sensorware, but the red note signal is flickering all the time.
Absolutely there is no hit even no move.
On Windows10, it looks normal on the midi input list, but the symptom is the same on my phones.
It can take triggering but very randomly and very rarely.
On freedrum app, it looks alright, but actually it doesn’t work properly.
Several times of reset and re-install doesn’t help at all.
I tested at least 3 phones and 1 pc.
All the results are identical with one another.
I am afraid that I and Chis may not be able to fix it with software level.
Please, do not take a look at this lightly.

Anyway, freedrum found me my long lost friend, Chis.
He is the one of humble nice gentle men.
I appreciate for that.

In addition,
Today I found another one’s led keeps changing continually from white to green or purple.


Thanks David!

We are in contact with Chris by email to get him setup with new sensors. Thank you for helping us out with this we appreciate it!