Trial&Error - Connecting a terminal device / client pc



in case you have problems connecting your Freedrum sensors to a terminal device, you should make sure you have some things to validate which component is causing the faulty connection setup.

First of all, you should check if you get the sensors connected to your phone. If not, you know it’s the sensors. In this case you can press the LED button until it changes from blue to red and from red to yellow - this is the update mode in which you can upgrade or downgrade your sensors individually.

If the mobile phone connection is successful, it may be because of your (Windows) client. In this case, you should first check whether another device (such as your mobile phone) can connect to the Terminal device. If not, it’s definitely your terminal (Windows) client.

Here’s the todos for you

  • Be sure to update the drivers of your Bluetooth components to the latest version.

  • If an external dongle requires manufacturer-specific software, install it.
    (If you have all the necessary drivers for operating the Bluetooth devices, you should get the correct device displayed in Windows Device Manager.)

  • Also be sure to install any pending (Windows/Client) updates.

  • Check your power-saving options, as you can use the settings to trim the power supply to the USB ports.

  • Remove the external Bluetooth dongle and restart Windows after saving the above points.

  • After your operating System is complete, plug in the dongle or enable Bluetooth and try connecting your sensors again.

  • If this doesn’t work, it could be an anti-virus program or your firewall. Turn it off for testing and try again.

  • If that doesn’t work either, go back to the Device Manager and uninstall the current driver for your Bluetooth device.

  • Remove the Bluetooth device and plug it in again, the drivers install themselves again.

That would be the standard possibilities I can think of for validation. In any case, you are now one step further and you could circle the cause closer or even drum the air. If you have not been granted this yet, write a comment or contact the freedrum team at

Have fun and best regards:)

Windows Support