Turning LEDs off


Hello Team !!
Is there a way to turn off the LEDs of the sensors when playing in order to save battery ?

Thanks a lot !!



Not sure how to say this in english, but in French it’s “SCOTCH TAPE” , lol


My excuse as I didn’t read well enough, you meant for saving battery.

What a SMART idea, really I love it.

Or maybe there is a way to install miniatures battery extensions/solar charger that works as an extension to the gyros?


I also have to admit that if there was 2 or 3 differente price range of sensors(beginner, medium, advanced by example) it would give a nice option to experienced drummers or professionnals who wants extreme precision and who are ready to pay the price to have absolutely 0 drifting.

If it was working like it is at the moment, even with all my ‘GAT ERROR’ and the fact im unable to update sensors anymore or use cool features like stick on the side for open hi-hat but was not dfriting and lasted 20-25 minutes longer, with a bit more precision(and possibility to change spacing between toms), I would have paid 2 000$ for this, it’s not even as expensive as a good electronic drumkit which takes too much place and often isnt even 10% as flexible and full of potential uses as this.

I had this idea since 2008 approximately and have to admit this is so far looking VERY good, same as in my dreams. I love it!

:))) Good luck with your batteries.

Just out of curiosity how long does yours last?


No worries Walkitalki !!
Let’s hope that new functionalities like this are going to be available for the next release of the firmware.
Regarding battery life, I would say between 10 and 12 hours.

Another desirable functionality is the possibility to calibrate the two levels of pads.
With firmware V9 … still … it is very confuse for example to distinguish between HitHat Vs Crash !!

Thanks for your reply !!



Thanks to you too for the reply :o) Mine last 2 or 3 hours of playing :frowning:

Yeah, about the calibration that’s almost same as I was asking. I would love to have the possibility to set 'space" between toms and cymbales.

Like between hihat and crash or between tom1 and tom2, etc…


Have a good one!


Yeap !! Let’s hope that this functionality is going to be provided in the next Sw delivery !!