Tutorial 3: Angular Positions

In this tutorial we teach you about the correct playing style with Freedrum and the angular positions.

Watch the video here:

Download the angular guide PDF here:

Freedrum_AngularGuide.pdf (85.3 KB)


Very good, thanks Philip

Useful tutorial. I’ve struggled to ‘find’ the drums initially because I think I’ve been turning too far - more like 90 degrees in either direction.


What about the feet sensors?

very helpful. i was getting frustrated with the cymbal – kept hitting it. this makes more sense.

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What about the cymbals, what’s the angle on those please? And like the other question - what about the floor sensors? Same 50’ angle?

I was struggling with consistent playing of FreeDrum, and this tutorial made ALL the difference!

Much thanks


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If you watch the entire video, we go through the upper layer as well at
02.33 mark.
Philip shows you both the horizontal and vertical angles!

I did watch the entire video and I can see the -10 plane and the +25 plane but the +25 plane was (I thought) tom toms, the cymbals seem to vary in their locations, is there a grid showing co-ordinates of all instruments? Likewise for the floor sensors, kick is easy to find but hihat is a bit capricious

The +25 angle is the same for all drums on the upper layer.
So if you’re playing the high tom at +25 degrees, and want to change
to the crash for instance, you have to turn the sticks horizontally 50 degrees
to your left.

High tom - Directly above the Snare
Crash - Directly above the Hi Hat
Ride - Directly above the Floor Tom

As for the foot sensors, the open Hi Hat is 50 degrees to your left from the bass drum.
The same as for the sticks.

We don’t have a grid yet but that’s a good idea. We will try to make something like that.

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This was ver helpful. Especially the hint not to hit between the proper locations.

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Maybe it’s time for tutorial 4, explaining v7 configuration and playing with left foot pedal opening hi hat !



Is there a way to improve the angle accuracy so that the playing can be as real as playing on the actual drum kit?

I’m not sure about others but when I play on the actual snare, I don’t actually hold my drumsticks on both hands straight up but more or less forms a triangular pattern when the 2 drumstick head were place on the snare.

Feels weird when playing with sticks straight up.

I set up a comfortable triangle with the sticks pointing slightly in to each other, as I believe you’re explaining and then press the sensor buttons and hold still for a moment (to set the zero position) This works just fine as
each sensor is independent. You just need to set the starting position. Everything else is relative to that starting position, until of course you start to play more wildly and eventually it will begin to drift. The more accurately you play to the advised angles , the longer you can play without too much drift issue.

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i have been using freedrums as you directed and they work fantastic…


Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

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