Unable to connect in Windows 10



I have four sensors. All four work fine on Android but in Windows 10 only three sensors connect. The fourth one is found but and connects for only a few seconds and then turns back to blue. Windows gives error while connecting.

I tried to reinstall the firmware. All sensors have the same Version (FD1 V8).
I tried to reset the sensor as described in another threat.

Any ideas?


Hello Bast

First off its great to hear all 4 connect on Android. It gives us a better idea o the issue. With mac and windows we have seen the connection issue come up.

Let us start by finding the sensor in your bluetooth settings and forget the device.
Restart your computer and try to connect it again.

Let us know if this helps. Can you also let us know the device type? Is it a laptop? Are you using the internal bluetooth or is it a bluetooth dongle?



thank you for your answer. Unfortunately my problem is still not solved. I have made a short video so you can see the issue.

At first i try to connect the defect sensor. The sensor is found in the bluetooth menu. After I click connect it turns green for a second and then turns blue again. The PC gives the information unable to connect bluetooth device.

Afterwards I connect a working bluetooth sensor. It is found and turns green after I click connect. Then it is found in the bluetooth menu.

I hope you have another idea.

Best regards


Hello Bast the video says its unavailable.


Oh I am sorry must have done something wrong.

Hope it works now

best regards


Do you have any other bluetooth devices connected to your computer?

If all 4 work on Android but 1 doesn’t on Windows it could be the amount of connections already connected to your device. Try restarting the computer and disabling and enabling the bluetooth connection.

It would be good to try and remove all the devices you have connected and start over. See if that helps.


Hi there .
I have the same problem after the update 1 of the for sensors is visible in the bleutooth setup but not in sensorware it is paired but wont connect .
And also somtimes 1 of the other sensors stops reacting when playing .
And i also tried everething like reset and soon .