Unable to pair more than 2 sensors in W8.1


Hi there,
I am trying to connect the sensors to a Windows 8.1 laptop with bluetooth 4.0. Only able to connect 2 of the 3 I have. Changing sensors it only lets me two to connect, no matter which. Getting this message (Try again and make sure that the device is discoverable)
Thought it was a quesiton of quantity. But no, because I could pair a speaker too.
Also installed the latest bluetooth drivers. And followed the instructions for windows in this forum.
Another thing I tried was to set the foot sensor in sensorware as a stick sensor.
By the way the 2 sensors work fine with DAW and VST.

Any ideas and suggestions will be apreciated.

Thanks. :slight_smile:



Is it just the 1 sensor that can’t connect? Have you tried to alternate the sensors it could be the sensor?

We know that on Windows 8 we have seen Bluetooth connectivity issues. Are you able to test if its just the one sensor or any 3rd you try to connect?

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Hi Seyran,

Thanks for replying so fast!

I can connect any of the sensor to the computer. No matter which. But only two will work at a time. So I don’t think the problem is with one sensor in particular.

Another issue is that I use Iphone 6 with Senosreware and Windows 8.1 having problems detecting the sensors. If the sensor is on it doesn’t appear. When I shut them down then appears in the app and then I start the sensor again and can configure it on sensorware.