[UPDATE] **NEW Freedrum App Out Now on iOS & macOS**

As you may have seen on our social media channels we have been teasing our new app Freedrum. After testing, getting the right samples, more testing, designing the 3D kit, and once again more testing we are proud to say the app is coming this Monday. Yes, we mean it this time!
The app will release for iOS and macOS on Monday. An Android release is planned for Spring/Early Summer. With Windows support to follow.

With the new app you will get:

  1. Full 3D visualization of the kit. So, you can see what drums you are hitting and at what velocity.
  2. Mixer to control the levels of each piece of the drum kit.
  3. The section dedicated to configuring the sensors. (left-handed, foot sensor and connecting automatically)
  4. We have added the most requested feature! No, not a cowbell, but the ability to control your hi-hat with the foot sensor. As you open and close the hi-hat with your foot you will have a range of samples that match the sound.
  5. Ride cymbal now can play a bell with a twist of the wrist.
  6. Don’t own a Freedrum kit? No worries! You can touch the screen to play the kit in the app as well.

Make sure your sensors are updated to V7 to properly use the new hi-hat feature in the Freedrum app.

2018 is going to be an exciting year for Freedrum. We are going to NAMM in Anaheim, California next weekend. While there we will show Freedrum to attendees and the feedback we have received from our wonderful community. We will also share our goals and plans for the future.

If you will be at the convention stop by our booth if you want to say hello or try out the new app! We appreciate all the feedback you provide, assistance you give one another on our forum and your support to us.