Upgrade plan for V1 customers

I am glad to hear about Freedrum 2.

However, since many of us have suffered with issues like drifting, it is hard to believe what they are promising.

Does anybody want to know how great Freedrum 2 will be?

Only one thing I am sure is that Freedrum headquarters consider their previous customers with the least of respect and gratitude, and there must be a special plan for them.

Look at the way how they treat their previous customers.

It shows the level of their ethics and credibility.

I look forward to seeing Freedrum would be another Volvo in the music industry.

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Hey david!

Thank you for your post. With Freedrum 2 we set out to change the way you master playing your favorite songs. We saw that this is what was driving the community and why we went in this direction.

The plan as of right now is to have our existing user base also use the same app to keep things easy to understand the play. We can not guarantee that will be the case at launch though.

When it comes to the topic of Drift Freedrum 2 is using a new way to communicate through the sensors so we can avoid that altogether. We are going to improve on Freedrum 1 in every way we can to make the experience with Freedrum 2 be the upgrade customers have been looking forward to.