Using freedrum on physical drum or pads


Hi, anyone tried using freedrum on physical drum set? Or like having freedrum sensor on while hitting on the table surface or pads.

Any issue with the sensor failed due to the vibration?


You can use them with a Physical drum kit, but you will need to recalibrate the sensors over some time. The hits will cause the sensors to play the wrong instruments from the hits feedback.


I am sorry but just no.
Only if you re-calibrate after EACH time freedrum sensors touch the physical drumkit.
Freedrum allows you to play airdrum, but not real drums. if you want to play real drums, check out Senstroke.
You can’t honestly assume that you can play on a physical drumkit with Freedrum, sorry…
(btw, senstroke can’t assume they do air drumming, and from what i saw and did with it, they don’t say it)


So as you’re saying, freedrum is more viable in the air without impact and Senstroke is the opposite?

In FB there’s a group that was setup for users of different equipment and brand so share knowledge and discussion.

Maybe can share there as well?


Yes, indeed. Not saying that one is better than the other, but they are really different, as you say.
Saying that FD can be used on a real drumkit is just not fair imo.

Yeah, sure !