Utterly disappointed


Just got my complete (white) kit a couple of days ago.
What can I say? the product just doesn’t deliver…
Too many bugs… you hit left and the right drum plays…
Everything is all over the place and really not precise…

I’m really disappointed and will probably return my kit :frowning:


For those who switch drum with this, this is not for them.
It is a kind of new drum like instrument and a practicing tools for drum beginner.
First week I was pretty frustrated too.
Now, I am quite satisfied after set up with 10 zone and a little practice.
There are many obstacles which requires a lot of time, effort, and practice along with it.
Especially drifting is the most crucial issue, but after I found the way around it, I really enjoy it.
Since it’s been less than a week after you bought this, how about read through other’s tips and try it out before return?


I also had the problem, hitting left and playing right… Then I realized I configured my left stick to be left handed, which resulted in the “mirror play”. So configure both sticks as right handed and the problem will be solved! :slight_smile: