Volume Mix between music and drums

Hi fellow drummers!

I just got my freedrum, finally gave up on aerodrums as it was just too finicky.

I have a question. When I use the freedrum app or GarageBand with Apple Music, the music is always much louder than the drums and I can’t hear my beats. Am I missing out on a setting? Both freedrum app and GarageBand output is at maximum volume.

Thank you!

As I know, Apple Music are using combined with DRM protection. So normally you can’t edit it or mix it with other players or songs. In this case, you can use the drm music converter to help you get apple music offline and transfer them to any devices players you want. take a look at it , my buddy.

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Why gave up on Aerodrums?? :open_mouth: I have both (Freedrum + Aerodrums), and love them both. :slight_smile: Aerodrums is for home, and can be played with more accuracy, without drifting. Also the sticks are lighter, so more comfortable. However, Freedrum is excellent for the road (I mean away from home, basically everywhere). :slight_smile: I look forward to the new app & firmware!! :slight_smile:

About volume mixing: I also have difficulties… my idea is to get a small (pocket-sized) stereo mixer/amplifier, and use a separate device to play music. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply!

I just could not get a good drumming experience with Aerodrums. I struggled with getting the parts of the drums exactly where I wanted them so the playing experience was not very good, it felt like I was playing a game.

I’ve my Freedrum drift after about half a song. I’ve read that taping the Freedrum units permanently to the drum sticks solves this issue? The good thing is within my first hour, I was drumming better with Freedrum as compared to Aerodrums, so I’m happy!

I’ve used just the right piece of my wireless earphone in my right ear for music, and then wore my headphones as per usual for hearing the drum beats. Works surprisingly well. But still hoping for a good and easy solution where I can control both music and drum volume independently in one program. :slight_smile:

Are you using iOS?
Also assume you’ve found the track settings volume, as changing the drumkit sometimes resets the drum volume down to 3/4.
At max volume in iOS GarageBand, running in the background with Spotify, I find a good balance. Maybe Apple Music is a little louder which would require external hardware or software solution.
If using the Freedrum app (current version) the overall volume as default appears to be on max. You can actually adjust slightly and make the dot turn red. It then makes the drums rather loud in comparison to Spotify for me.
I’m sure new app will help with volume adjustability.

See my other post here: Stereo mixer for using 2 phones?

I think this mixer will work just great. :slight_smile:

On GarageBand for iOS. Track Settings → Track Volume at Max is great balance against accoustic songs on Spotify running in the background.
If the songs are a little louder, they tend to drown out the drums.
As an interim fix that’s works ok (distorts drum sound just a little), I found the Compressor Plugin &EQ. There is a Gain Setting, that if you raise the drums definitely stand out on top of the music.

Here’s the additional Gain Control in PlugIn…

A lot more controls with Gain and Pre-Gain settings in free Audio Unit extensions.
Just look up EQs in AppStore.
Allows you to boost the drum volume.
Compromise with getting it louder than music in background, and distorting too much. Find your right balance.

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How great would it be if we could load songs in the Freedrum app, and control drum & music volume separately in one app? :slight_smile:

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I have found a solution that works great with Spotify. First you crank up the track volume in Garageband, then go to Spotify settings → Playback → Equalizer and manually lower all the frequencies. You can then try to slightly increase the non-drum frequencies to create a very good balance.
Wish there was such an EQ in Apple Music.

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Thanks DrumPacker.
I’ve been playing with settings in Spotify and thanks for pointing them out. I’ve found the simplest setup for perfect drum volume control over Spotify music, running GarageBand in the background on same iPhone.

See images below:
Simply go to the same settings section of Spotify from the YourLibrary tab, and change Playback to “Quiet” mode (default is “Normal”).
Restart Spotify and settings take place.

Now in GarageBand, Track Control - Output - Track Volume, has perfect levels to compliment the music. Eg Full Volume: drums clearly sit out louder than the music.
Or around 3/4 volume I find has the perfect balance but still clear drums above the music.

Ie no need to use Equalizer in Spotify or GarageBand. Once Spotify is set to Quiet, just adjust the GarageBand Track Volume for balance, and the Volume on the side of your phone for Master Volume.

Hope this helps, thanks again DrumPacker.