We've Updated Android, iOS, Freedrum Firmware & More!

We’ve updated Android, iOS, Freedrum Firmware, started our forum, and created a new tutorial!

It’s been one month since we began shipping out Freedrum to all our beloved Kickstarter backers and preorder customers. And in that time we have received a lot of feedback - both good and bad.

Each comment, message or piece of feedback we receive is carefully read and responded to. We are committed to working with all of you in creating the best virtual drumming experience possible.

This is the first step in that direction.

Android Sensorware Update
You can now play with Freedrum directly in the Sensorware App and hear drum sounds (no need to use other applications)
You are able to connect to 4 sensors at once and configure them individually.
Latency is improved with our very own synth integration
Increased the sensitivity on the sensor when configured as a foot pedal
Major improvements in stability
Update Freedrum Firmware in the app

iOS Sensorware Update
Stability improvements
Increased the sensitivity on the sensor when configured as a foot pedal
Update Freedrum Firmware in the app

Freedrum Firmware Update
Updated firmware with our reference drum technology
Firmware is more stable and reduces the drum drifting problem

Freedrum Official Forum
A comprehensive collection of topics related to Freedrum
Post and respond to topics
Send feedback directly to the Freedrum team

New Tutorial
Playing Freedrum in the correct angular style
A guide on how to reduce unexpected drum drifting
Downloadable print-out to help get you started playing in the correct style

All the work that we have been doing over the past month is in response to your feedback. This is just a first step in improvements to the experience that you have with Freedrum. Thank you all for your amazing support and we look forward to hearing all the comments!


Seyran, Fredrik, August, Fred & Philip