What a great piece of kit!


Bought these for my son for Christmas 2018. He is at Uni and there is no room to swing a cat in his room. These are the perfect thing for him to use to practice. He played drums and had lessons and an electronic drum kit.
He loves them and could not put them down. Needed a few tweeks to get them working correctly but now seem to be working great.

Thanks for such a great idea.



Hi @Angliaman.2,

Can I ask you what were the tweaks to get them working correctly? I’m using Freedrum for 2 weeks now, and I still find it extremely difficult to play more than 2 minutes without drifting issues or poor sensors behaviour…



Same here… the drifting is really annoying. Also I tend to hit the crash accidentally while playing 8th notes on the hi-hat… and often can’t find the crash when I really want to hit it. :frowning:

I still love Freedrums and I hope there will be an update which will resolve these issues. It would be great if I could cover a 3-5 minute song without re-calibrating!!! :slight_smile: