What applications can i use?


Hello Freedrum,

I’ve been testing the Freedrum kit on a Huawei P8 ( I’ve read that this device has a problem ), but i can’t play them as the latency is very high on the Sensorware . Can you please tell me what device i can use so i can start playing free drums ? I’ve also have Windows10 . Please guide me to some application that works on my phone or on my desktop.

Is not urgent, but if you can answer me that will be great!

Thank you and have a nice day,


I was very frustrated with my devices so I bought a used iphone 6s for 250 euros… best decision ever


Hi there,

have you looked at @Alex_Incensus Guide?
There you will find everything you need to use FreeDrum on your desktop:

Reaper is the basic application and works with many virtual drumkits.



Thabj you so much for the replay. I will use it to set the freedrum on the desjtop. When do you think it will also work on the Android Huawei well?


Hm, on the one hand I’m not an Android user and on the other hand I don’t belong to the developer team, so I don’t have any information about the requirements engineering of FreeDrum, only the posts that the team publishes here.

The fact that sensorware on Huawei P8 does not work is also a well-known problem.
Which sensorware version do you use?
Have you tried a beta version?



Thought that you are one of the develpoers. But thank you for the guid for Windows.

Best regards.