What overall issues are people having with the new app?


Was just curious what issues people were facing when using the new app. State which phone your using also…

I’ll start.

iPhone 6 Plus And iPhone 6 on latest firmware: stuck on loading screen then crashes. Have seen it working on a friends iphone 7 on latest firmware but there is clear latency issues compared to the original sensorware app with GarageBand. Still having the ‘drifting’ issue with the hi-hat and ride section though.

  1. Not very stable - crashes like every second or third session
  2. Noticeable latency comparing to GarageBand
  3. Worse sound quality
  4. Drifting issue same as with Sensorware/GarageBand
  5. Generally feels “heavy”, not very responsive, buttons seem to stuck from time to time.

Those issues made me switch back to Sensorware/GarageBand even though I really miss the open/close hi-hat feature.

If at least some of these problems are a result of the decision to include the drum animations in the app, I would certainly prefer those graphical features to be removed and have more lightweight, stable and responsive app.

iPhone 5s, firmware V7.


I agree, it almost feels like a step backwards at the minute. The app takes absolutely ages to load and then when it does it simply crashes for me. Tried everything and also on my partners phone.

Hopefully they will fix it, but I do hope they hurry otherwise words gonna eventually get out naturally with all this discussion and people will simply stop buying the freedrums. This whole ‘delay’ with not fixing the ‘drifting issue’ makes me doubt they can actually fix it at all. Surely this would be something simple? I rekkon they may release freedrums v2 before they fix this, leaving us version 1 freedrummers very annoyed and disheartened.


Theres a new app? where do I get it?


For iOS and MacOS called Freedrum. You need ios 11 to use it.


In my use case on an iPhone plus 7, the sensors occasionally lose calibration and I have to reset mid session. Which is a pain in the ass actually.