What's your impression of playing metal music with Freedrum?


Hello there,

I have already been interested in Freedrum for a while and am thinking about getting a complete kit sooner or later. However, I would like to know what’s your impression of playing metal music with Freedrum? Does it function well as well when playing it with fast bass drums? What’s the maximum BPM for foot sensors to perform well?

Any comment or feedback regarding to Freedrum playing metal is welcome and appreciated!

Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:



feel like holding 2 magic wands from Harry Potter game apknite



Would you please explain what configuration needs to be done to “double” the kick WITHOUT moving the foot twice or using the other foot ?

Example: 3’28, some double kicks just before you use both feets at 3’29 and after one-foot double kicks at 3’25.

I’m interested because so far I have to choose between double pedal (no control over hi-hat), or double kick which doesn’t always respond as expected depending on which shoes I wear (inclination varies).