Which Android device you are using?

Are you people using Android devices successfully (acceptable latency)? List your device here for newbie references.

I have seen lots of threads with problem on Android device. And also working perfectly on some devices.

So it will be good to list all practically used Android devices, which have decent latency and you are using it without problems.

Sorry if I misunderstand you, but there is already a thread for this topic:

You can use the search function to find the requested or affected device.

Yeah, I know about that thread, but that has now become a support type thread. Everyone is listing devices with problems. And thats a good support thread.

Very few people is listing Android devices they are playing with.

So I thought this list would be helpful with only real devices people are playing with, not Superpowered latency numbers!


I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and it is…okay. Sometimes the connection seems to reset so I have to press the buttons to realign the sticks to how I’m sitting. This happened three times during one song the other day. Also I noticed the ride cymbal was gone, but maybe I just haven’t updated my software lately.

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Android latency
For the developers,
This thread my be of interest:

My testing shows Galaxy note 9 performs better than my Xiaomi Mi A1.
Of course Note 9 has better and newer processor,
but I guess Pro audio and Low latency audio hold more share on this improvement.

Is there any list of supporting Pro audio and Low latency audio android gigs?