Which other App than Garageband

I have an IPhone 5c and so I cant`t get IOS 11, which I need for “Garageband”.
Unfortunatly I know noone, who has a Macbook, so I have no Chance to get “Garageband” on an other way.

Do you know an other App, which is even easy, to use freedrums with iOS?
Thanks a lot

Check the FAQ on website for your list if other apps:

Freedrum has their own app too, search “Freedrum” on App Store. You connect sensors in their app, so don’t need Sensorware in that case.

As of right now you need iOS 11 to use it with Freedrum app or Garageband. They have workarounds before and trying to download using itunes with older OS versions, but since then apple has updated and made it very difficult.

Some apps on the app store do support Freedrum, but do not have all the functionality of Garageband or our own app Freedrum.