Windows 10 Virus - False Positive?


I am trying to install the sensorware for Windows 10 when I run into a problem w/ my anti-virus stopping me from installing the app due to an “exploit”

While I’m pretty sure it’s something minor, I don’t want to install the sensorware just yet knowing that it’s false-positive.


Hello Nukirk!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is the first we have heard of this “exploit”.

Which antivirus program are you using? When we google it we see it comes up with one program in particular with no actual virus being found.

Please send us an email at if you want us to send you a link directly to the file.


The anti-virus program I’m using is Panda Dome. I download it twice from the instructional video.



Yes, Panda Dome seems to trigger that warning for many programs. From googling we found things like a DAW, crypto wallets and now even our app triggering that warning.

We will try and contact them to see why this happens, but the best bet would also be to contact them with feedback on this as well.