Windows Sensorware Beta [Ongoing]


I tried the new sensorware beta version on my surface pro 5 as well as my i7 desktop with Bluetooth adapter. I’m not cases the sensorware app could not detect the freedrum sensors. On the windows settings in both cases it shows my sensors are paired. Any help?


Same problem too, the internal bluetooth adapter detects and couples all the sensors. The sensorware app for windows instead does not detect them. I have already written an e-mail to the support, but I have not received any answers yet.


Windows users have to remove all 4 sensors’ connections.
Then connect one sensor and try Sensorware with Chrome.
After setup, turn it off and remove the bluetooth connection.
And do the same thing to the rest of 3 sensors.


Hi David. What you you mean by using Sensorware with Chrome ? Sensorware on windows is a windows application and does not interact with Chrome.


Hi @leionn92 and @Paolo_Balzari.

We have heard this problem from a few users, however we have not been able to duplicate this problem ourselves yet. Can you please see what version of windows 10 you are running, and paste the log from Sensorware in this thread ?


It is configuration tool, made by asgvard.
It only works on Chrome browser.
For me installing sensorware app on my pc is more hectic.


I’m not sure how to get the log from sensorware. But my Windows 10 pro. Version 1803. OS built 17134.285


So now i have seen that windows sometimes reports that no sensors is available if Bluetooth has been turned off. I’m not really sure yet what triggers it. But i have updated Sensorware to send logs to help us finding errors.

So, please try to un-pair and then re-pair you sensors again, and also update Sensorware to the latest version.

You can download it here:


Tried the new version and unpaired and re-paired but the issue persist. The sensors also acts weirdly, before I paired it it is glowing blue, then when it is “paired successfully” on Windows settings, the sensors turn white (active) for 5 secs and then it goes back to being blue.

The sensorware app shows no sensors paired throughout this process.



i tried out the windows sensorware and noticed that it works for 3 of my sensors flawlessly. Getting them connected to windows, which was sometimes difficult is now quite easy. Yet the 4th sensor is not shown as FD1V7 as the three other sensors but as Freedrum.
The sensorware sees only the sensors that are labeled FD1v7. The freedrum labeled sensor is not available.

I tried rebooting the firmware with my android smartphone but it keeps being read as freedrum.

What is different in this sensor? And how can it be fixed?


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Hi Bast,
Reported the exact same problem. Windows will always be difficult and glad there is a stable iOS version to fall back on.


How do you change the name to FD1 v7? Or is it automatically changed? Because mine is also the latest update v7 but they are all shown as freedrum.


That is the question. I assume it has something to do with the sensors hardware since they are all running the same firmware but some keep sending different informations.

By the way I don’t think this has something to do with windows. If the sensors would be identical and they were using the same firmware they would all be labeled FD1v7. There is no reason to believe that windows would label 3 out of 4 indentical devices the same while it labeles one different. I think it is much more likely that either some sensors have a different hardware which produces the error or there has been a problem with the firmware update at some point and the sensor failed to recover from it, while the other sensors were correctly overwritten and are running the latest firmware version which interacts with windows correctly while the one labeled “freedrum” does not.



The virtual midi port on Windows is called Freedrum (the one you see in your daw. The port is also visible in the bluetooth panel). The Sensors are starts with the name “FD”.

Yes, windows Midi over BLE support is not as stable as on iOS and Mac, and if you are having trouble connecting more than three Sensors at at time it’s most probably the Bluetooth chipset that can’t accept any more clients. Is it always the same sensors that fail to connect, or can you connect in any order up to three ?


Blockquote The virtual midi port on Windows is called Freedrum (the one you see in your daw. The port is also visible in the bluetooth panel). The Sensors are starts with the name “FD”.

No this is wrong. The Midi port is labeled freedrum, that is correct but i have three Sensors that are detected as FD1v7. Yet the fourth Sensor is detected by Windows as freedrum.

I tried to connect them in a different order, but it stays the same. It is always the same Sensor that is labeled freedrum.

Is there a way to reset the Sensor to its original state so i can Install the Firmware from the Scratch?


Same here, 4th sensor labeled “Freedrum” even in iOS Sensorware, even after firmware update and reset, and in the details they are all running on v7, only 3 labeled FDv7 though.


Aha. I see. That is something I did not expect. The Sensors should be named “FD”.

I will investigate what could have caused this and make a fix for you guys.


Still works fine on iOS with 4 sensors detected correctly, however labels are as described above. Has similar issue when trying Windows Sensorware, where only the one lableled “Freedrum” would not connect to Surface Pro Bluetooth.

Screen of iOS Sensorware and details of single sensor labeled “Freedrum”.


Ok, so i have made a quick change to test this issue on Sensorware for windows. Can you please test if the sensor shows up in Sensorware in this version ?

Please note that this is not the final If this works for you guys i will make a proper fix for this issue in next week.

And thanks alot for your help. It helps a lot to find these kind of issues :slight_smile:


Hi Fredrik,
After a small issue uninstalling which caused the below errors on install