Windows Sensorware Beta [Ongoing]


Restart of PC, then installed correctly.

All 4 sensors came up immediately in Windows Sensorware, however then “freedrum” Sensor was repeated in some sort of infinite loop, until crash.


Confirming did not detect “Freedrum” at all.


The errors you see when installing is probably caused by locked files if the application is still running.
I’ve updated the installer again and verified it to work with Sensors named “freedrum”.

Please let me know if it also works for you this time :slight_smile:


Sensorware detects all 4 sensors just once now.
Connects into Reaper just fine.
Just a bit of fine tuning now so the crash doesn’t sound like lasers!!! Or find some new drunkits.

Anyone know any good sounding free kits for Reaper?


Thanks! :slight_smile:
MT Powerdrumkit is pretty good and free!


Thanks. Will give it a try soon.


Hi Fredrik,

It works like a charm. Thanks for your help and prompt response.


Having same issues; i do see there is a beta of the program available that i’ll try. I do have a question. All of my sensors have the v7 firmware; however, only one of them says FDv7. The rest are just named freedrum. I try to update the sensors in android, which says is available, but even after update, still the same name. If i try to run my iphone to update, it says no updates exist.

Interestingly, only the sensor labeled FDv7 ever shows up in the sensorware for windows.



Had that issue where sensor labeled “freedrum” was not picked up in Windows Sensorware app.
That was addressed and fixed in app version Updated link in post just above from Fredrik or again here:

You’ll need to completely uninstall last version and maybe even restart PC, then reinstall version 0.9.03.
Sensors should then all scan in regardless of name.

For the new iOS Sensorware app, when I tried last night, they’ve fixed the naming and all my sensors are now labelled FDv8 for consistency.

#30 is available too which fixes the naming issue in windows. It also fixes a bug that sometimes make the app to crash.

It’s available here:


awesome! i saved the link to revisit when i get home from work. Glad to know the latest version remedies this. And i also see fredrik’s post about version 9.0.4. thanks guys!