Windows Support


We are currently still in the testing phase of Windows 10 support. Any feedback we have will be posted here. If you have any feedback or ideas please let us know!

Thank you,


Thank you Seyran, look impatiently


I understand that the announced Bluetooth support by Microsoft is the same crap like many years ago with USB.
Maybe it works - maybe it doesn’t.
Works with one version of Win - stops working with the next…
Hope you will find a solution, because using Freedrum with Win10 and Superior Drummer was the reason that I backed it on Kickstarter.
Thanks for your hard work and good luck.
(I would hate to have to buy any expensive Apple crap :wink: )


Does Windows 10 have better latency than Android or worser than that, on general?


Sadly that is very true. However, there is an UWP (Universal Windows Platform) driver available in Sonar that we have tried, and it works. You need to have at least the Sonar 2017.3 update installed in order for it to work.


In my personal test’s at home it worked quite ok. Easiest thing is if you try it out your self. There is a Demo available for Sonar on their webpage :wink:


Errrm… you mean I need to buy Sonar to get it work ? :astonished:


You can use the demo for playing with Freedrum. We are working to have better windows support soon.


I simply have no luck.
The UWP driver in Sonar works indeed, but Sonar crashed and will not start anymore, even if I reinstall it. :rofl:
So I will forget Sonar and wait until you come with a solution.
Thanks anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit : managed to get it to work.
Great !!!
So there is definetly hope for Windows user. :+1:


There are rumours saying that reaper works too. I will try to see if I can find a guide on how to set it up!


Loving my FreeDrums. Works great on my iPhone and MacBook. I do however use a desktop machine with Windows and Sonar for my main music work, but it doesn’t have bluetooth support built in. I was thinking of the ASUS USB BT-400 usb 4.0 adapter - do you have any recommendations on bluetooth adaptors? I am hoping any recent one should work, but just thought I would ask.


I own Reaper and Samplitude PRO X2, but didn’t find a way to get it to work in these DAW’s.
A guide for Reaper would be great because by the first imnpressions, the best on Sonar is the UWP driver. :wink::rofl::joy:


I just successfully connect the Sensors in windows using the Korg BLE drivers. They should work with any MIDI compatible DAW (I tested with Renoise).

It would be great if you can try it and see if it works for you too.

You cannot configure the Sensors or update the firmware with this driver. But hopefully you should be able to play at least.


installed the driver, but sensors are not found


installed and it works.

MIDI-OX detects devices and manages to use them.

Reaper works really well without even configuring it.

MuLab needs to change the name of devices from “regedit” so each device has a unique name.
you have to change the settings so you can match the correct notes.

I tried with only 2 sensors and all worked with a little delay.

I connected 4 sensors and the delay has risen to 500ms (approximately)

I removed the last 2 controllers, but the delay has remained 500ms :neutral_face:


What is with windows 7? its doesn´t work


do I need to install the driver and MIDI-OX?


Nice, I got it to work on Windows 10.

Just installed the driver mentioned above, set up Reaper with the plugin MT Power Drumkit 2 and it just worked!

Latency is higher than on my iPhone 4S though, so not the best experience. Possible that some tweaks would improve it (or running in high performance mode maybe), but actually I was just curious :slight_smile:


do you connect the sensors before you start reaper? my bluetooth on my laptop cannot detect the sensors, even after the installation of the above mentioned driver


Maybe your laptop does not support Bluetooth LE?

Mine does (I checked the Bluetooth device description in system settings) and I was able to connect them via normal Bluetooth options.

Then started Reaper and set up the sensors as MIDI controllers (had to search for tutorial on YT).