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Anyone want to get a brief guide, too, about where to put the “MT PowerDrumKit - free Drum VST-Plugin” plugin and how to configure Reaper with the Freedrum sensors? It could be of help to many. Thank you :pray:


I could make one by tomorrow, if no one is faster.

It wouldn’t make sense if two persons write a guide, so please let me know beforehand :smile:


It would be great, I will not stop thanking you :joy:


after I purchased a usb bluetooth nano stick v4.0 by aplic, all sensors finally appear in the bluetooth settings, however pairing does not work when trying to connect the sensors with my laptop.
When I press pair, it says please wait, device ist being paired. During that time the sensor turns green and slowly blinks. After a couple of seconds it says paring fails, because a wrong code was used. After that sensor goes back to blue. Any advice?


Please do. Is latency good?


Have a look at my Windows + Reaper tutorial here:

Latency is OK, I think. As always depends on your hardware :wink:


Could somebody please recommend a bluetooth adapter? I purchased the bluetooth nano stick v4.0 by aplic, but the sensors still wouldn’t pair. It would be great to hear from somebody whose sensors pair and thus which specific adapter they use. Thanks :slight_smile:


Asus BT-400 has proved to work fine on both mac and windows for me.


Thanks Frederik. Do I have to consider something else when I plug in the adapter? I already have default bluetooth 3.0 on my laptop. Do I have to remove it somehow, so that it won’t interfere with the adapter or doesn’t it matter?


I think you just need to try it out yourself and see what works. Every computer and device is unfortunately unique :wink:


This turns out to be so frustrating. I bought asus bt 400, but it says it is not compatible with my windows 10 laptop…guess I have to try other dongles


Hi, I can recommend the iogear GBU521 usb dongle. Took it yesterday from my Hackintosh (so MacOS compatible too) and used it with four Freedrum sensors with Windows 10.


Just installed that bluetooth driver and piped my 4 sticks straight into FL studio. Seems like they’re in working order, except all 4 seem to be set as kick drums… Well I have six distinct sounds, all variations of kicks… Ah, I needed to open a drum VST. derp. Up and running in FL studio gang! Looks like I’ll still need to goof around to get the second set of sticks to map to my feet, and with FL studios FPC I don’t have anything where a floor tom should be (low purple), or where a crash should be (high green)…

Looks like there’s still a bit of fiddling to go to get everything where I want it, but this is pretty great!


Does anyone know why things won’t work with any bluetooth dongle? My laptop is about 6 years old and it has bluetooth 3 on it. I bought three different bluetooth adapters providing bluetooth 4, ble: one of them didn’t recognize any of the sensors, the other two adapters do recognize them, but it is not possible to pair them… I am clueless…


Hi, I have the same problem where I can only use one stick at a time as my computer says that all the sticks have the same device name. This means I can only connect one to my DAW as otherwise it says “This device is already in use”. Does anyone know how to rename the sticks? Thanks


It’s currently not possible to change the name of the Sensor. However, it’s under development and is coming soon in a firmware update.


@wildandfree Maybe you should Check this:
Trial&Error - Connecting a terminal device / client pc


Thanks for the reply Fredrik. Glad to hear that, do you have any idea of when the update will be released?


We have a new firmware comming the next few days fixing some other important issues. The version after that may include the change name option. No promises and a date though :wink:


Uuuuuweeeeh in the next few days :heart_eyes::metal:t2: