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the dirver and a program that interacts with MIDI devices ( Reaper is the simplest for me )


neonone : BLE MIDI does not work with WIN 7, as far as I know.
You need 10 or 8.1 at least.
Official BLE MIDI support by Microsoft came with WIN 10 Anniversary Update (Ver 1605), but doesn’t work properly.
Your sensors will pair and then immediately lose coupling again, going back to pairing mode.
I have WIN 10 Ver 1703 and had no chance to make the sensors work.
The KORG BLE-MIDI drivers, shown by Fredrik, close this gap.
Your sensors will now pair and couple and will be shown as MIDI IN/OUT devices in any DAW.
After installing the drivers I had a latency from 2-4 seconds, so I restarted the system.
Now the latency went down, but still was too big to really play.
After a second system reboot finally everything was running very smooth and I’m now able to use Freedrum in the DAW of my choice with any plugin.
Btw.: I use a Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I PCI-e card with BT4.2 / BLE support and the latency is really very low.
(Low enough for a bloody drum beginner like me. :wink: )
I use Superior Drummer 2 on 4 tracks with 4 sensors and by configuring each SD-plugin I get far more than just 7 different instruments.
For example : left foot straight - doublebass drum, turn left foot to the left - cowbell
It’s HUGE fun !
:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


how can I check whether my bluetooth is bluetooth LE? I already checked the systeminfo on my laptop, but there is no information on bluetooth


i bought a bluetooth adapter 4.0 and it work perfectly for my desktop windows 10 using Korg BLE drivers


do you have a recommendation for a specific adapter?


this one seems to be topseller


Work well with Korg BLE drivers on windows 10 using mixcraft as my DAW (not my main DAW of choice). but the problem when i use protools (my usual daw) it doesnt recognize 4 sticks but instead only recognizes one because the name of each sensor is the same. if there is a way for me to rename each sensor then i can make it work on pro tools windows 10 using ezdrummer


I used iogear bluetooth 4.0 but i believe any 4.0 should work.


I checked and my laptop has Qualcomm atheros ar3011, is this bluetooth 3.0?


No, I don’t want to start DAW-WARS, but ProTools is AVID, right ?
That would explain why it doesn’t work.
:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Please forgive me, I couldn’t resist. :wink:


I’m a beginner and will only use freedrum for fun (at least for now), are there some free tools for Windows that will allow me to use the freedrum just like GarageBand app for iOS?

Anyway, thanks for the hard work you are doing.


Reaper as a full DAW with a 60 days free trial (fully functional) and if you like it it only costs 60$ for a full license.
Reaper Homepage

MT PowerDrumKit - free Drum VST-Plugin
MT PowerDrumKit 2 Homepage


You can even use Reaper for free beyond the 60 days period. There will be a window asking you to buy the full version (and it would be definitely nice to support the developer), but it can be ignored or closed :wink:


Didn’t mention this because they absolutely deserve to be supported. :wink:
It’s a full DAW, like Cubase, worth 400 - 500 $ and you get it for 60.
So it’s more than fair. :slight_smile:


Anyone want to get a brief guide, too, about where to put the “MT PowerDrumKit - free Drum VST-Plugin” plugin and how to configure Reaper with the Freedrum sensors? It could be of help to many. Thank you :pray:


I could make one by tomorrow, if no one is faster.

It wouldn’t make sense if two persons write a guide, so please let me know beforehand :smile:


It would be great, I will not stop thanking you :joy:


after I purchased a usb bluetooth nano stick v4.0 by aplic, all sensors finally appear in the bluetooth settings, however pairing does not work when trying to connect the sensors with my laptop.
When I press pair, it says please wait, device ist being paired. During that time the sensor turns green and slowly blinks. After a couple of seconds it says paring fails, because a wrong code was used. After that sensor goes back to blue. Any advice?


Please do. Is latency good?


Have a look at my Windows + Reaper tutorial here:

Latency is OK, I think. As always depends on your hardware :wink: