Windows10 tracktion6 working well for a week!

This is the report of a week experience with Freedom.
Despite Freedom’s revolutionary concept, I spent a lot of time of researching here before my purchase. I think this is the key point of this project.

Windows 1803
Korg Bl midi driver
Stein berg UR12 audio interface
Tracktion6 - definitely free
Superior Drum2
intel i7-6770 processer
Bluetooth interface- — intel chipset(laptop on board)
128 audio buffer
Special thanks to Asgard’s web page for designating each sensor.

You can buy it now! It is applicable to serious performance.
Responsibility and velocity control are almost perfect.

!! Notice!! — Not cons

  1. Complicated setup process
    Without forum, it could never been done.
    All I can say, just follow the procedure. It will be done.

  2. Compare to most of other midi controllers, the latency is bigger, but with a fast system no problem(at least my case).

  3. Some imperfection
    It is true there is a known issue as Crash-hi hat angle.
    From 10 zones, I set both up and down of the 2nd left section hi hat instead of crash and hi hat.
    Since I put the crash at the very left, hitting crash with right hand is quite awkward, but there is no interference between hi hat and crash.

I felt the position is floating to the left gradually.
I found myself swiveling counter-clockwise on the drum chair as time goes by.
I wish there would be a way to define absolute position of 4 sensors instead of relative position.

  1. Some inconsistency
    Recognizing sensor issue does exist.
    In my case, Turning all the sensors on before booting, waiting after booting additional couple of minutes, and start daw seems to solve this problem.

  2. Play
    In order to hit the right spot, I have to bend my ankles left and right as well as up and down.
    This is not the typical drum playing but a kind of drum playing.
    I can tell I am getting better as I practice.

Thanks to those who help us this forum.
I also appreciate freedrum’s delivery policy.
It was free and fast. Just taking 2 days all the way to the southernmost part of Korea.
When Sweden beat the Korean football team, I almost gave up buying it.
But now I am satisfied and even supporting Sweden for the upcoming Worldcup match.